The following workshops are all flexible and adaptable to your needs, the size of the organization and the outcome you are working towards.

Running a Campaign Online 101:

How to use online platforms to support and expand political or issue based campaigns. A great choice for a one day workshop with a small number of key players to help build up skills and digital knowledge.

Businesspeople Having Meeting In Modern Open Plan Office

Building a Lasting Digital Presence:

An integrated workshop with you and your staff to build an online presence that fits within your existing capacity. Let me do the work to research the best platforms for your audience, and then teach you straightforward skills to use the platforms effectively and genuinely. This workshop is very flexible, and can build on your existing communication plan, or can support the creation of an integrated communications plan. This workshop is best delivered over 2 or three afternoons, and can be done with a small group, or a larger communications staff.

Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

*All workshops include a pre-workshop planning conversations so I can prepare accordingly. This conversation will determine the numbers of hours the workshop itself will be, the style of the workshop, aids provided, and the depth of data analysis relevant to your organization’s needs. While each workshop has a average number of hours, the needs/size/experience/capacity of where you are at will determine what is required for me to meet you there.

**Costs run on a sliding scale. The cost you see is a suggested rate, and can be negotiated depending on the economic scale you/your organization’s lives within.

*** Any and all presentations created for your organization will be left with you for your future planning. All analysis will stay confidential, and will be given to you upon completion of the contract.

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